Backyard Conservation Committee

Our purpose is to improve the natural resources, wildlife habitat, and quality of life through providing landowners access to a variety of educational resources and technical assistance.

The Backyard Conservation Committee is focused on a variety of “greening efforts” that can be practiced in our very own backyards.

We encourage small practices like composting and mulching, as well as larger practices like tree and prairie plantings, rain gardens, and wildlife habitat.

Our most widely-used resources include the Build Your Own Rain Garden brochure and the Your Yard, Your Trees booklet. The Backyard Conservation Committee also hosts instructional workshops for landowners, some of them bringing nationally-recognized experts such as ecologist Rusty Schmidt to Indiana.

If improving our natural resources starting with backyards is something that interests you, please contact us to find out how you can get involved!

Our committees are:

Rural | Urban | Forestry | Backyard Conservation

Committee membership is open to all. If you have an interest in natural resources, forestry, environmental education, urban conservation and planning, grant writing, marketing, or tourism, there is a place for you in Hoosier Heartland. Contact us to get involved