Our committees - which are open to anyone - are our strength.

The work of Hoosier Heartland Resource Conservation and Development Council, Inc is primarily carried out by standing and ad hoc (short-term project) committees.  Hoosier Heartland's successes are the direct result of these committees' great work.  Members come from all walks of life but are brought together by their interest in making Central Indiana a greener, healthier, and more prosperous place to live.

Current committee projects include Plant a Million, Indy Free Tree, Win Against Invasives,  Your Yard - Your Shrubs handbooks, Woodland Owner Clinic,  (then others from Urban and other committees). Committees are made up of local people who share their time, expertise, and ideas to identify and solve local problems.

Our committees are:

Rural | Urban | Forestry | Backyard Conservation

Committee membership is open to all. If you have an interest in natural resources, forestry, environmental education, urban conservation and planning, grant writing, marketing, or tourism, there is a place for you in Hoosier Heartland. Contact us to get involved.

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Support Our Work

For sixty years, Hoosier Heartland RC&D committees, partners, and sponsors have given their time and expertise to improve Central Indiana's environment, economy, and quality of life. 

The great work of Hoosier Heartland cannot be accomplished without the support of our donors. Thank you.

Please contact us to learn how you can help build a better Indiana - for now, and forever.