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Hoosier Heartland RC&D

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Our offices are located at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis (map). You may call us at 317-290-3250, or email hhrcd[at]

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Hoosier Heartland RC&D Council
Discovery Hall, Suite 200
1202 East 38th St
Indianapolis, IN 46205

Board Members

Paula Baldwin, President:
Beth Neilson, Vice President:
Mike Warner, Treasurer:
Cathy Deal, Secretary:
Beth Alexander,
Bob Eddleman,
Emma Alkire,
Mark Nigh,
Tom Roney,

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For sixty years, Hoosier Heartland RC&D committees, partners, and sponsors have given their time and expertise to improve Central Indiana's environment, economy, and quality of life. 

The great work of Hoosier Heartland cannot be accomplished without the support of our donors.Thank you.

Please contact us to learn how you can help build a better Indiana - for now, and forever.