Rural Committee

The Rural Committee works to improve the quality of life through programs that promote wise choices in rural development, while preserving and protecting natural resources.

The Rural Committee identifies and finds solutions for natural resource problems in rural areas. Past projects have included:

  • Improving fire protection in rural areas through installing dry hydrants,
  • Presenting a series on rural land planning, covering topics from:
    • retaining land by improving profits,
    • using conservation easements to protect their land in the long term,
    • and ways to develop land through specific uses and practices that enhance the surrounding community and adjacent lands.
  • Presenting a series on management of pasture and resources for horse owners whose herds were small and non-working. This series met a critical need for educating horse owners on how good conservation practices can improve their horses' health.

The Rural Committee also developed the Farmers' Alliance/Rural Entrepreneur Network. The Network was based on the Committee's  underlying mission of improving local communities by wisely developing natural resources in a way that increases economic prosperity.  

This project was so successful it expanded beyond Hoosier Heartland's traditional ten-county region. The Network became available in 75% of Indiana counties. The Rural Entrepreneur Network educated members on:

  • A variety of means of developing business plans,
  • Finding specially or niche products,
  • Networking to allow cross-support of businesses among communities,
  • And developing businesses that can create new jobs on site, or in auxiliary businesses.

Our committees are:

Rural | Urban | Forestry | Backyard Conservation

Committee membership is open to all. If you have an interest in natural resources, forestry, environmental education, urban conservation and planning, grant writing, marketing, or tourism, there is a place for you in Hoosier Heartland. Contact us to get involved.

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