Urban Committee

The Urban Committe is focused on the environmental effects of urbanization and the conservation of natural resourcs.

The Urban Committee promotes wise natural resource management through
hosting and coordinating educational workshops, promoting research, and distributing educational information. The committee works to spread awareness and information about the importance of maintaining the integrity of our natural resources in an urban setting.

Past workshops have included topics such as sediment and erosion control, turf grass seminars, wetlands, and real estate professionals training. Educational brochures and booklets have included "Building with Nature," a guide on maintaining trees while building, and the Home Buyer's Checklist, which educates buyers on how to wisely choose a home or a site based on the land it sits on.

Upcoming in the fall of 2012 is a workshop on removing regulatory barriers on green site development.

For information on these and any other workshops or brochures, please contact Hoosier Heartland.

Our committees are:

Rural | Urban | Forestry | Backyard Conservation

Committee membership is open to all. If you have an interest in natural resources, forestry, environmental education, urban conservation and planning, grant writing, marketing, or tourism, there is a place for you in Hoosier Heartland. Contact us to get involved.

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